License Plates


Get your license to thrill with a WCU collegiate plate! Ordering is simple, fill out an application at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office, or order one online here. More details are provided below.


The special WCU plate will cost $25 per year in addition to the regular annual registration fee.

WCU's Loyalty Fund, which provides funds for university merit-based scholarships as well as support for university priorities, will receive $15 of the $25 to support its mission.

Personalized WCU plates can be obtained for an additional fee of $30 (total cost for a personalized plate $55 plus regular registration fee).


The special WCU plate has the WCU athletic insignia on the left side, followed by a "C" and four numerals (WCU C——). 

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles will automatically assign numerals in chronological order, beginning with 0001 and continuing through 9999. Please see "Personalized Plates" below for exceptions.

Personalized Plates

  •     The WCU athletic insignia and the first letter ("C") cannot be altered.
  •     The final four characters can be a combination of letters, numerals, spaces, symbols, and punctuation.
  •     Punctuation, spaces, and symbols each take up one character space. Punctuation and/or symbols do not create different numbers, however. For example, C#001 and C0001 are considered duplicates.

If you are considering using four numerals in your personalized plate, please note that the D.M.V. will not use a number until all preceding numbers have been assigned. For example, if you would like your plate to bear the graduation year of 1980, the D.M.V. will not honor your request ("C1980") until all preceding 1,979 numbers have been used. Consider requesting "CL'80" instead.