From Our President Elect

Dear WCU Alumni,

I am delighted and excited to serve as the Alumni Association President-Elect. I am honored to have this opportunity to work and look forward to our upcoming events and activities. I look forward to working with Marty Ramsey and the Alumni Association staff to keep you informed about our university activities. Your feedback and comments are welcome as we move forward.

Since Chancellor David Belcher's arrival in 2011, we have seen a new energy surge through our campus and through our alumni. Under his leadership, we have realized record enrollment for the class of 2020, our athletic programs continue to improve from year to year, and our students walk with stronger confidence "proving their purple."

I recall the pride and swagger we experienced in 1983 with our football team's national championship run. Each post-season game was exciting and propelled us with more anticipation to the next game. And while we did not win the championship game, we were certainly in the hunt and performed on a national stage. For me, that part of our journey, our history, is reminiscent of what we feel today.

With recent success of our athletic programs, the academic achievements of our faculty and students, and our outstanding music program, our reputation is significantly enhanced that much more.

The continued success of our university is dependent on all of us staying connected and involved. The connection part is easy. Reach out through social media or calls to the Alumni Association office. They are there to help.

But more importantly, your financial support is needed. Thank you for the support that you have given in the past. Now, more than ever, Western needs us to show our support in a very visible way. The Alumni Association has been challenged to raise $850,000 over the next five years. If successful, this will bring the Alumni Association Scholarship endowment to $1,000,000. This will allow us to offer merit and need based scholarships to students who not only deserve our help, but need our help. As you consider your charitable giving and financial support to your community, please include Western Carolina.

I look forward to the journey ahead with you!

Go Cats!

Edwin R. Holland
President Elect, WCU Alumni Association
Class of 1975