December 2016



WCU  Alumni Engagement Staff- L-R Beau Busby , Marty Ramsey and Cindi Magill


Cindi Magill Honorary Alum of the Month

Cindi Magill—long time administrative assistant in the WCU Alumni Office will be retiring this December. To specially recognize Cindi, we are featuring her as our first ever “Honorary Alum of the Month.”

Question.)  Cindi, first congratulations on your retirement! You have been an incredible asset to the WCU Alumni Association and a wonderful ambassador for the university. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in Cullowhee.

Answer.)  After my dad retired from the Air Force, my family and I moved to his home state of Texas, ending up eventually in Austin. Shortly after we married, my husband Dave and I moved to the mountains of New Mexico for almost six years. After living in Austin again for about 15 years, we decided to move back to the mountains. We had visited Western North Carolina with our daughter, Karina, to check out UNC Asheville. We loved the area so much we decided to move to Brevard, NC on a leap of faith (we didn’t know anyone or have jobs lined up), and to also be closer to Dave’s family on the east coast. After living in Brevard for about five months and trying to find a permanent job, I came across the job opening at Western. I applied and Tammy Haskett, Alumni Director at the time, hired me.


Q.)  Cindi, you have been an integral part of the WCU Alumni Office for the last fifteen years and are its longest serving staff member. Tell us what you enjoyed the most during your career and what you will miss the most.

A.)  I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the wonderful alumni of Western Carolina University.  I am very fortunate to have made so many lasting friendships over the years.  I will miss seeing my coworkers every day, especially Marty and Beau. Although Marty, Beau and I work hard, we joke around and have fun at times, as well. I have worked directly with Marty for almost 14 years here at Western, so he is just like part of my family. I will really miss his wry sense of humor!


Q.)  In 2009 you received the Judy Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award, the highest honor given by the university for a support staff person. Cindi, what did it mean to you receiving such a special award?

A.)  Receiving the Judy Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award was a real honor. I am part of a list of amazing support staff here at Western, and I was humbled to not only be nominated, but to also be chosen as a recipient.


Q.)  Cindi, your husband Dave is a local musician and your daughter Karina works here on campus. Tell us a little about your family.

A.)  Dave has played music over the years with many bands; Michael Martin Murphey, of Wildfire and What’s Forever For fame, and Leroy Parnell to name a couple. He still plays music from time to time with Karen “Sugar” Barnes, a local blues singer. His dad was also in the Air Force, so he also traveled a lot with his family.
Karina also caught the travel bug and has lived in the UK, South Africa, Washington State, as well as Texas and New Mexico. She met Jason, her husband (who is South African), when she was living in Scotland.


Q.)  Tell us something unique and interesting about yourself that few people may know.

A.)  While living in Austin and working at a local restaurant, I was the only server one Saturday when several large parties came in to dine. One party was a large group celebrating a 50th birthday. About five minutes after asking the name of the person having the birthday (Dennis) and singing Happy Birthday to him, I overheard several staff talking about Easy Rider. That’s when I realized that I had just sung Happy Birthday to Dennis Hopper on his 50th birthday!


Q.)  Cindi what plans do you have for this next chapter in your life?

A.)  I hope to get a part-time job working with books either at the local library or bookstore. Oh yeah, and also take a road trip out west with Dave, who has been waiting patiently for me to retire so we can travel on the road again.


Cindi, again thank you for all you have done for the WCU Alumni Association and the university. Speaking on behalf of all 65,000 WCU alumni… will be truly missed.‚Äč